PAC-MIG’s founder, Joseph B. Cusick, III, has been associated with the welding accessories manufacturing industry for 35 years. He was familiar with current technologies of GMAW design, which used water as a coolant, and seeing the problems clearly generated an innovative solution.

Understanding of the importance of heat dissipation lead Joe to design a torch that could withstand the demanding environment of high production welding. In 1993 he was issued a patent for his design that utilized shop or compressed air to cool the torch. The following year he demonstrated the product at the AWS Show in Philadelphia. The show proved the definite need and market for his new technology. With the help of his two sons and a long-time family friend, Joe established PAC-MIG, Inc.

Today, PAC-MIG markets and sells its products throughout the United States and Canada. In September of 2005, the company exhibited for the first time at the Schweissen & Schneiden Welding Show in Essen, Germany. The success of the product in the United States and Canada has opened the doors to the European market. PAC-MIG also plans to exhibit its products at WeldMex in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2006.



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